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Baby BEEF is an independent publisher of artist books and zines. On this site you can view and buy our various publications. We also sell at selected markets and publishing fairs. Please join our mailing list to find out about events and new publications.

Many of Baby BEEF's publications are archived in the National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin (NCAD).

Baby BEEF is the founder of the Dublin Zine Fair, that is held annually in August. The fair was founded to promote and support independent press.

Baby BEEF was founded by artist and designer Sarah Bracken.

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Letterbox Dublin


Letterbox Zine


Letterbox Dublin by Sarah Bracken

A zine of letters from the Letterbox Dublin Project. Brown card cover, cream paper, green thread sown binding, cover printed with a hand-carved stamp.
25 copies made in the first edition for the 5th annual Dublin Zine Fair.

Copyright 2015.
Letterbox Dublin was born in May 2008. I was writing my thesis on street art and experimenting with interactive art at the time. The box was a pure experiment. The first Letterbox Dublin was handmade out of scraps of wood, it was put up in Dame Lane in Dublin City and a theme was placed on the box. Since then the artist has collected a huge archive of letters from the various letterbox themes, survived several acts of vandalism, received a cassette tape letter and even received a poo in a plastic bag with a label saying "It's poo, Haha!" The project has been featured on the Dublin episode of Sky Atlantic's "Urban Secrets". Where the artist was interviewed by Alan Cummings and exhibited some of the letters. It has also been featured in Irish guide books such as "Secret Dublin: An Unusual Guide" by Pól Ó Conghaile and various blogs and websites. 

The project aims to add to the experience of Dublin City in a positive way, to make it an interesting place to live and visit. It aims to interact with Dubliners and visitors alike -to give them a creative outlet in a public setting and to provide a channel of anonymous expression and confession. Letterbox acts as a modern confessional booth, instead of a church it uses the city, it offers a vent for passer’s by to unburden themselves, share their problems or a joke with a stranger. The project documents, exhibits and publishes the letters that are themselves, valuable artefacts of the time in which they were sent and capture the voice of people from that time. It is a unique landmark of the city of Dublin.